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Our Products Features


Adopts potassium chloride based acid zinc plating process with boric acid-free system, which in line with future environmentally-friendly trends.

High corrosion resistance, up to 240 hours of white corrosion and 1000 hours of red-rust.

Color: can meet a variety of color requirements.

Appearance: Evenly distributed appearance and performance, which is highly competitive in the market.


Application: construction screws, wood screws, automotive screws, etc.

Color: can be adjusted according to customer requirements. At present, the color of our coated products has reached more than 100 kinds.

Using non-chrome coating materials that do not contain chromium or lead, which can reduce environmental pollution.

Excellent salt spray resistance, salt spray test up to 500→2000 hours according to customer requirements.

Acid rain test 15~30cycles, with excellent resistances of acid rain, chemical, weather, etc.

Has passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, products can meet SGS EU RoHS Directive and REACH Compliance.

Can pass the ACQ requirements.


Special Introduction:AC1720BP-Ammonia and boric acid free acid zinc plating solution

In recent years, environmental laws and regulations on wastewater discharge standards for hazardous substances such as ammonia, nitrogen, and boric acid have become more stringent in many countries. To cope with this trend, our newly developed AC1720BP is an ammonium-free, boric acid-free acid zinc plating solution based on potassium chloride, which can be applied for barrel and rack plating.

AC1720BP has many advantages such as easy, safe and smooth operation, fast and stable plating speed, simple wastewater treatment, etc., so that your company does not have to worry about the wastewater treatment of controlled substances such as boric acid and ammonia, which can considerably save costs and increase your productivity. Please watch the video below for more information.


Our Persistence

Since its inception, we have always adhered to the principles of integrity and customer-oriented and are dedicated to the electroplating and coating surface treatments. Through the integration of electroplating chemical manufacturing and surface treatment technologies, we provide a wide range of services to achieve customer requirements.

From the selection of raw materials and chemicals to the workflow, we are committed to product quality assurance, and have received customer reviews of "HAOCHE and ZINTEKER products are of good quality". We will keep enhancing our surface treatment technology and product quality and hope that we can continue to win the trust and market reputation of customers with our abundant experience and stable and high-quality products.

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